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April 15, 2012


Great day of music! We started out with the Albuquerque Junior Strings (Gloria Velasco, conductor), and followed with the Albuquerque Prelude String Orchestra (Emily Awes and Karen Schindwolf, co-conductors), the Albuquerque Junior Youth Band (Angela Macke and Sam Nesbitt, co-conductors), the Albuquerque Junior Orchestra (Marie Robertson and Rebecca Simons, co-conductors) and the Albuquerque Junior Symphony (Ron Teare and Amy Williams, co-conductors). All of the junior groups sounded terrific, and we also had a couple of arrangements by Hey Mozart! New Mexico winners. It’s amazing to hear how the ensembles have improved throughout the season.

In the evening, the Albuquerque Youth Orchestra (Sayra Siverson, conductor) and Albuquerque Youth Symphony (Gabriel Gordon, conductor) performed. Again, the level of the orchestras and their performances was very high, and the large audience was enthusiastically appreciative. Paul Christodoulou was the AYS concerto winner and his performance of the Gordon Jacob Trombone concerto was very impressive.

The part that I dislike about this concert is when we recognize our graduating seniors – many of whom I have known since they were little eight year olds in the Albuquerque Junior String Orchestra. Over the years, I get very fond of these students at hate to see them leave us. But, they have bright futures ahead of them, and I know that we may see them again – if they stick around Albuquerque, they are sure to have their children enroll in our programs. Will I be around then? Geez, I can’t believe I’m writing this. Better sign off after a very long but satisfying day.