Beseda: Good job on the latter part that we worked. The 2/4 section still need more concentration from the non melody parts – they sounded a bit confused in general (offbeats, beat 2 tied notes, etc.) Remember to review the Furiant and Sousedska parts from the beginning that we didn’t play this week.

Greensleeves: Strings, work on those places we went over together – the 8th note figures as well as the big melodies. Each section has to be very independent! Practice especially 93 to 117 (without the tremolo at least some times…), because those notes are very important, even though they aren’t the main melody. Winds, please focus on your tone in this piece, in addition of course to counting carefully.

El Relicario: We can play all of this through – yeah! Now, remember to practice making big dynamic differences! You’ll need to feel that you are overdoing the differences for the audience to hear them. Also, Strings: work on those "off the string" bowings and rhythms we talked about – they are the spice of the piece! Winds and percussion, the character of the piece has to be intense (fortissimo parts), rhythmic (quiet parts) and flowing (lyrical parts).

Rumanian Overture: Strings: Remember to practice the crescendo / diminuendo swells – they are different lengths at different places! Also be very careful to notice the 1 1/2 step intervals in the melody – C# - Bb; G# - Eb, etc. Play them in tune!

Yagi Bushi: Strings: You know the spots: Cellos from 49 – 81; Violin 1 from 107 – 133. Violin 2 – your entrance at 63 – 78 as well as 127 - 133; Violas – your very exposed part at 94 – 97 as well as 127 – 133. Work on those notes and bowings that we talked about!! Winds and percussion, please listen to the online examples: you have an amazing resource, so use it to your advantage!

Thanks, and see you Saturday! Only 8 rehearsals left before our first performance…. Practice, practice, practice!


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