"When you are having a bad day and nothing is going right . . .When the pressures of life are crowding in on you and you need some time by yourself . . When someone, or something has made you angry . . When you are bored, or when you are feeling flat or unhappy, don’t complain, just go and do some music practice. That will lift your spirits and energize you.”

- Ron Ottley. Now I Love Music Practice

Thanks for a good rehearsal on Monday. We continue to make steady progress but all of us need to be spending more time with careful practice. We need to play through all 5 pieces next Monday and really start putting some amazing musicianship in place. Please make time to explore the amazing music we are sharing together. We have 5 rehearsals left and we need to step things up.

Down a Country Lane- Practice ALL of this piece and play attention to the ebb and flow of this piece. We want to create a pastoral picture through our music.

Russian Sailor’s Dance- I’ve listened to the recording several times and there are some nice moments in the piece but LOTS to clean up. Brass…please pay careful attention to notes and partials. We often times are on the wrong partial so take care in practice to work on those sections. Everyone please focus your practice on VII to the Coda. We need to clean this section.

R & J- 81-132 we will hit hard on Monday. Lots of intonation issues in this section. Cellos pay careful attention to that section in tenor clef. I’m excited to be able to play this through on Monday. Keep working hard.

Slavonic Dance- this is in pretty good shape we just have to keep cleaning and firm up the transitions.

Intermezzo- we will play all of this too.

Have a wonderful week, PLEASE MAKE TIME TO PRACTICE and let’s make some great music together on Monday.

Enjoy the balloons this week!

Mrs. Hill


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