With six rehearsals left before our first performance, we would like you to start looking at the “big picture” of our pieces….
1. What is the highest emotional point (loudest part) in the piece?
2. How is my part helping the composer relay the musical message?
3. Specifically, is my part the melody in the foreground (and should be the loudest part of a particular phrase) or background (and always under the melody)?
4. And with a few rehearsals left, WHERE ARE THE PASSAGES I NEED TO INDIVIDUALLY PRACTICE? Really, deeply studying and knowing your music is the key to a terrific performance, and luckily we get to perform this music at least twice (Dec. 1 at Roosevelt MS and Dec. 4 at Eldorado HS), but having parts that don’t sound great will mean an “opportunity for success” lost…. Practice and KNOW.

YAGI: There are several of these “need to know” passages for lots of instrument groups in this piece. Please take the time to practice them slowly and with a metronome, so the conductor and ensemble don’t have to sit through practice time that should have been done at home. Try your best not to be “the one”!

RUMANIAN: We just need to practice the tempo changes as a group several times so the transition from slow to fast is smoother.

GREENSLEEVES: Our rehearsal last Saturday was exactly the “big picture” we need to start aiming towards communicating with our audience…. An AABB tune, 16 measures in length, with introductory/transition material in between 3 verses. This should inform you as to your role in that telling of a musical story (identify your parts, all being important but some less important than others).

BESEDA: Remember the ‘big picture’ of the 3 different kinds of sections: Furiant; Sousdesdka; 2/4 middle section (…What is the name of that section? A piece of candy to the student who reads these notes and comes up to us at the beginning of rehearsal with the name of it…! :-) ). Also review the times when our 2nd endings are sudden cutoffs before we really fini…. :-)

RELICARIO: Dynamics….and the energy of the background rhythms!


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