Thank you for another wonderful rehearsal on Monday. I am continually honored to stand before such an incredible group of young people. You showed an amazing respect and professionalism for our guest conductor and he had nothing but praise for all of you. Again my sincerest thanks! (-:

NOW!!! THE BIG PUSH!!!!!!!!

We have 3 rehearsals left and ALL OF US NEED TO DIG DEEP AND FINISH THE GREAT WORK WE’VE DONE SO FAR!!! Lots of practice is needed.

Mascagni and Copland need our attention and we will start with those on Monday. Technically, these pieces are not hard but there are many challenges both ensemble wise and with intonation. Please spend careful practice on both of these. R & J continues to get better but we still need to clean up the areas of most difficulty. 132-End and pick up to 90.

Russian Sailor’s is also improving but still pay attention to the transitions. Work more from Var VIII to the end.

We didn’t play Slavonic Dance this past Monday so please revisit that in your practice and it will be stunning.

Have a fantastic week everyone!! (-: Enjoy the beautiful weather but commit to spending time (lots of time) practicing this week!!!!

You guys are awesome!!!!

Mrs. Hill


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