Parents and Students:

It is amazing how much progress the students have made this semester! They are really getting better at the skills required for a good orchestra musician: watching the conductor, listening, playing together with a good instrument position, playing in the right part of the bow with the right style, breathing together, playing the dynamics, phrasing …coming to rehearsal with your music with your part prepared…(We are definitely working on remembering to bring a pencil to every rehearsal).

So now, students, this is the last chance to practice any spot you are still having trouble with. In your practice this week, set a goal each time you practice to look over one spot that you still have not mastered! Remember – it is more fun to play in an orchestra when you can play all the notes! (There will be a video made of the concert).

Be sure to practice at least 20 minutes a day! You know all the spots we have been rehearsing and you know that we have worked on dynamics, style and ensemble playing (playing together). Use the metronome when you practice so when you come to orchestra you can concentrate on listening and playing with the other instruments. Then you can really enjoy the musical experience.

Speakers should have their speeches prepared so they can perform them with note cards (if not mostly memorized)!

Introduction: Isabel Dickinson & Gabrielle Dorsey (Write something about the JO, audition procedure, introduce conductors, etc.)

Sword Dance: Gustav Bourdon (Good Job – no revision necessary)

Second Storm: Ariana Watson & Jaedyn Castillo (Check e-mail for speech)

Siyahamba: Kenzie Hayes (See e-mail for written speech)

Chaconne & March: Emma Kirwin & Willow Stracuzzi (Your speech has been revised – please check your email for the revision!

Trepak: Emma Smith (See your e-mail for written speech)

Finale: Danielle Webb (See your e-mail for written speech)

Closing the Concert: Elise Allen & Cal Boy-Lynn (ok)

Speakers: If you are having trouble writing your speech, check -in with Mrs. Robertson and she will help you!

Practice hard! Have a good week!

Our next event is the school tour at Washington Middle School tomorrow, Thursday, December 1, 2016. Each student should have a “JO Read and Heed” containing instructions about the tour and a parking pass to put on the dash of your car if you are going to stay for the performances. Please note that there is much construction in that area. So please leave early enough so you arrive on time to tune and warm-up.

Please refer to www.aysmusic.org/junior-orchestra for information on the dress rehearsal and concert schedules.

See you tomorrow!

Mr. Austell and Mrs. Robertson


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