Hi everyone,

Next Monday is our last rehearsal before Spring Break!  I am sure we ALL need it!  We will be rehearsing the final section of each piece and then running our program.  After that, we only have 4, count them, 4 rehearsals after Spring Break to get our program in order.  Please continue to practice your parts, especially any sections I mentioned in rehearsal.  


3/19 Rehearsal

6:15-6:30 – Elgar (reh. 36 - end)

6:30-6:55 – Grainger (70 - end)

6:55-7:20 – A Major Scale and Copland (pickup to 110 - end)

7:20-7:45 – Polka (169 - end)

7:45      –     Break

8:00-8:30  – Halo (254 - end)

8:30-9:00 – Run Program


Halo Auditions

Please congratulate Xander Augustson as our Halo guitarist!  Xander please bring your instrument and amp for 3/19 rehearsal.




-careful of rushing in violins throughout the piece

-Strings at 17, pp-cresc. Tremolo needs to start softer. Tremolo needs to be fast.

-careful of rushing for anyone with 8th notes at 17

-pp at 68, careful of rushing

-dynamic contrast between p and f at 90

-Strings please look at the melody at 134



-vln play out at 142, watch the pitch with the octaves @ 146-150

-cellos please work on playing close to the bridge to bring out the bass line.  Practice minimizing the string crossings and practice the whole piece with a metronome.



-violin I and viola reh. 10-13 please practice your 16th note runs thouroughly



-cellos at reh. 35 save bow, start cresc. with the left hand

-everyone stay softer for much longer in the beginning.  Do the subtle shapes, but in a soft dynamic context.



-more from winds and harp last beat of 21

-clarinets and bassoon bring out 24

-violin II bring out 26-33 and play off the string 8th notes

-everyone but strings bring out the last beat of 37, loud gliss. If you have it

-trumpets bring out 45

-brass bring out 61

-everyone bring way out last beat of 69


Thank you all for you work so far.  I had a lot of fun at the last two rehearsals, especially, and I am looking forward to “rocking” with you on Monday.


Mr. Upton


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