April 1, 2017


Don't forget the raffle - sell those tickets and talk about the program and how much you enjoy it!  We are near the top of the running so far, and we'd love to get that party at Dave and Busters! 

*NO Marimba Band rehearsal this week (4/8).

Rehearsal Notes:

Stars and Stripes Forever

Perform your part at home and see how perfect you can make it.  Strive to perform every rhythm, note and articulation to the best of your ability.  Then play it again working to make it even better.  If we ALL do that, our performance on April 30 will sound worthy of our National March!

Sing, Sing, Sing

I would like to open up this song for 8-measure improvised solos.  You can use the G concert harmonic minor scale, the G minor pentatonic scale, or the G blues scale.  Remember to play jazz rhythms and that that you’ll have to project your sound into Popejoy Hall.  Listen to the two solos on this short YouTube clip of Benny Goodman’s appearance in the 1937 movie “Hollywood Hotel” (solo section starts at 00:36): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3mJ4dpNal_k

Lord of the Dance:

Violin II!  Please see the attached PDF (below) and copy in the correct bowings from 103 to 121.  We need to match Violin I :-)  All: remember to let this 'flow' as a fiddle tune - quick but not frantic, never heavy or labored.  To do that takes lots of practice so it feels very natural.


We keep saying it:  we need to REALLY emphasize dynamics - these are the things that will make this piece shine and be exciting.  Those with accompaniment parts with a rest on the downbeat (like the WW at 95 and following) please practice with a metronome - feel those downbeats, and imagine the melody as you play your other parts.


This is going well - remember the background rhythms we looked at on Saturday - we want to bring them out to create variety and interest. 


Have a great rehearsal this coming week with Ms. Siverson - remember to be on your very best rehearsal behavior!  Follow what she does, and enjoy the differences from what we have done.  Being able to adjust to different conductors is part of being a mature musician, and it truly is a fun challenge!  Then, have a wonderful week off for Easter and so forth, and we'll see you on the 22nd! 

Mr. Corbin and Mr. Armerding


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