April 11, 2018

Greetings Junior Banders!

We have two more rehearsals left before our concert weekend! I was very happy with how rehearsal went last weekend. If we can keep moving forward with our focused and productive rehearsals we're really going to have an amazing concert in a few weeks.

I will not be at rehearsal this weekend; your rehearsal will be run by the amazing Mr. Gruetzner. As many of you know, solo and ensemble festival is this Saturday and not only am I running the event, but I am  hosting the event at my school and I need to be around. Also, some of you told me that you might have conflicts with JB rehearsal and Solo and Ensemble this Saturday. Please do not miss rehearsal for this reason; it just so happens that I am in charge of the solo and ensemble schedule as well and if you send me an email I can work with you to find a time so you can attend both  rehearsal and solo and ensemble. 

For this weekend please look at the following:

Two Colonial Sketches: I think that many of us realized that Yankee Doodle Drummer still has a few wrong notes in it. I've asked Mr. Gruetzner to start with this piece so the more you can fix the mistakes at home the easier it will go in rehearsal.

Falcon Fanfare: There are still a few missing notes/parts at measure 29 in the upper woodwinds. Take a look at this before Satruday please.

Star Wars: Work on getting measure 10 up to quarter = 144. 

Of Distant Peaks: clarinets and altos please look at the eighth note passages after the allegro.

Have a great week everyone and I look forward to seeing you on the 21st!


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