April 22, 2017

Rehearsal notes from April 22

I (Mr. A) was very pleased with your work on Saturday, and I feel we are on track for a great concert this Sunday!  Remember what we talked about in terms of being conscious of the softer dynamics especially - so that the loud dynamics have more power! 

I don't have a lot of specific things to mention, except that those of you planning on an improvised solo in "Sing, Sing, Sing" should practice a lot with the beat going on in your head - feel those 8 measures and be ready to pass it on to the next person!  Also, there are just a few places where we really need to work on notes and be sure of our patterns - such as the chromatic (but not quite) part from "The Stars and Stripes" that we worked on very near the end of the rehearsal.  We have total confidence that you can play those kinds of parts completely correctly, and the audience will be expecting it! 

Then, CONGRATULATIONS to you all for the raffle challenge - and especially to Chaeli Freymiller, who was the champion seller of raffle tickets!!  We are so pleased that you are able to go to the party at Dave and Busters, and we hope you have a great time there.  Be sure you RSVP as Dr. Strong indicated in the Read and Heed that you all got yesterday.  Unfortunately, Mr. Armerding has a concert at school, and Mr. Corbin has a rehearsal with Musica Antigua, and neither of us can be there with you.  We are so sorry to miss it, but we hope you have a wonderful time!!  And good job helping out the AYSP through that effort. 

So - we will see you at 12:40 back stage and downstairs at Popejoy Hall on Saturday!  You will enter from the loading dock on the south side of the hall (visible from the Redondo road that goes around the UNM campus there).  Our rehearsal is only 45 minutes long, so we need ALL of you there and ready to go on time.  Our concert is on Sunday at 3:00, of course, and your time to show up is 2:30, as you should have noticed in the Read and Heed.  Practice as much as you can this week - carefully and precisely, since we know we can 'get through',  and now our goal is to play our very best, playing accurately and expressively. 

We've loved working with you this year, and we look forward to this concert as well as many years to come with you in this program.  Music is a gift we receive and give, and we look forward to both of those on Sunday. 

Mr. Armerding and Mr. Corbin


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