April 7, 2018

Junior Symphony notes for April 7th!

Thanks to everyone for a good rehearsal - coming back from break is hard in some ways, and we were all probably a bit rusty, but it was great to get through everything, and to make some great progress on the pieces.  We are into the "it is REALLY serious now" time of our rehearsal schedule, with 2 more full rehearsals as well as the very short dress rehearsal in Popejoy!  We are very proud of the work you are doing on a challenging program, and we need you to keep working all the way up to the end so we do our very best at Popejoy.  Just as a 'gentle reminder', it will help us all if we all arrive on time...which means being in your seat with your instrument out BEFORE 8:30...so we have every minute possible to work together.  Many of you are there ready to go early every time, and we thank you for that!!

American Salute: 

As Mr. Corbin said, this is going to 'grab the audience by their jackets' and say "Listen to us!" in a great way.  There are many hard places throughout the piece, which you probably know.  Woodwinds have the fast and fun passage after the first big melody, strings have the 8th note passage with all the arpeggios, brass have the fanfare sections, percussion has to keep us going...and ALL of us have to count carefully! 


This was in relatively good shape, but once again, the woodwinds and strings have those 16th note passages that we went over that just need continual practice with a metronome - bringing up the tempo bit by bit.  The brass have lots of fanfare places in this piece as well - keep playing them with good sound and a steady rhythm. 

O Haralambis:

This may be our most solid piece at this point, but never stop playing those passages to keep the 7/8 solid and the notes and dynamics clear. 


Hopefully we'll all remember the tempo change near the end...even Mr. Armerding! :-)  But there are rhythmic places we worked on Saturday - the Cello/Bass/Bassoon team did a great job on that "different than everyone else" place - keep playing them with a metronome! 


This one needs to keep going with tempo and energy, whether it is big and loud or less volume (as the first main theme is).  Remember that it is a march, and feel that marching beat inside as you practice the notes. 

Les Miserables:

This is probably our biggest challenge, along with American Salute, and the transition places between songs are usually the trickiest spots.  Keep listening to the songs, and if you can, find a recording of our arrangement and listen to it as well.  It is such fun to play pieces that everyone knows, but of course then we have to do them especially well!  We know you will - and don't forget if you are a singer to keep working on those words.   

8th graders!  If you see this Monday afternoon, remember that you are invited to attend the Youth Symphony rehearsal tonight! 

Thanks for being such a great orchestra, listening to us and working together in the way you do.  We are counting on all of you auditioning and keeping in the program, which we know will bring you a lot of joy and great experiences.  We'll see you on Saturday!

Mr. Armerding and Mr. Corbin



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