ATTENTION: actors needed!


Are you a budding actor? Do you love videography? If so, we need you! 

This year YS students will be scripting, rehearsing, acting and filming mock audition videos to post on our website. Each year we receive many questions about auditions: 

  • What do I have to play?
  • What do I have to wear?
  • Where are audtitions?
  • How long are they?
  • Are the conductors mean?
  • Will I get cut off during my solo?
  • What if I make a mistake?
  • and more!

To avoid questions and confusion, we decided to make mock audition videos so students and parents can SEE what an AYSP audition is like. We need YOU to help write script, be an actor, and/or film for us!

YS Officers, Garrett Frye-Mason and Isabella Twocrow; will be directing the project and we need at least 10 actors. We need actors for HS and MS students coming to audition, actors to be Dr. Strong, Ms. Blocker Price, and the conductors/audition judges (MS: Mrs. Robertson, Ms. Brasher, Ms. Velasco Mr. Austell, Mr Corbin; HS: Ms. Siverson, Mr. Upton, Mr. Nesbitt). We need actors to be the proctors and maybe even actors to be nervously waiting parents. You decide! This is YOUR project!! 

We not only need actors, but also someone (or a few) to write the script, someone to film, someone to edit and finalize the video. 

If you are interested in any of those positions, we have pre-selected two dates for filming: Sundays, March 3 (yes, this Sunday, IF someone get the script written asap) or March 24, from 2 PM - 4 PM. Please click the survey link below and let me know which dates you are available and what you would like to do in the project. I will ultimately select the date with the most volunteers.

Post your responses here:

Thank you for considering. This will be a lot of fun!!!!

:-)  Ms. Siverson


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