August 22, 2021

Hello YO!

I hope you all have had a great weekend.  Sectionals are upon us!  You all are very fortunate to get the opportunity to work with professional musicians from the area for the next 6 weeks beginning tomorrow!  Please show them the utmost respect and courtesy and please take their advice and practice tips, they know what they are talking about:)  Being on time is a must.  Please remember to bring ALL your music and a pencil.  Ask questions!  I want you all to make the most out of having these musicians/teaching artists here while you can.  Most of all, have fun with your sections and I will see you for a full rehearsal after break.  


6:15-7:30 Sectionals

7:30-7:45 Break

7:45-8:45 Rehearsal in Castro



Sectional rooms (by office area, labeled with instrument) - Strings

Castro - Woodwinds

Pink room - Brass

Green Room - Percussion



AYSP has a fantastic chamber music program.  There are few things you could do to improve your orchestral and group playing skills like you can after playing in a chamber group.  This is conductor-free small ensemble playing and it sharpens your ensemble skills to a fine point!  You get to play in a group with your peers and receive coachings with a professional musician/teaching artist with a performance at the end of the semester/year.  It's a TON of fun, too!  Ask me for more details or contact Dr. Strong if you're interested!


See you soon!

Mr. Upton


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