August 24, 2018

Hello Youth Orchestra!

That was a fun rehearsal this past Monday!  This coming rehearsal on 8/27 we will be focusing on Carmen.  So please continue practicing your difficult technical passages slowly with metronome, then increasing the metronome tempo as you master each step.  Please continue working on expansive musical phrasing without breaking or chopping up the phrase.  This is very important for James Dean and the Bach.  Please continue to think about the “pyramid of sound” for our work on balance.  Please continue to practice breathing on the upbeat of whatever you are playing, our YO orchestra music and everything else you are playing!  Especially if you are a string, harp, or percussion player!  

This orchestra is a force to be reckoned with this year and I can’t wait to see what you guys can do next rehearsal.  Already getting excited,

Mr. Upton

P.s. if you emailed with interest in becoming a YO Officer this year, I will be emailing an application later today!


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