August 26, 2017

JS rehearsal notes for August 26, 2017

Having sectionals for the first time this past Saturday was great, and we hope you enjoyed getting to work more on just your music, getting some specific tips from people who know a lot!  We will have those sectional times for the next 3 rehearsals as well, so plan on making the best use of those opportunities.   Also, thanks for getting your Luminaria bags and getting started with that process – we appreciate it, and it will be another way for you to be a vital part of the AYSP program!

As you practice your music, some of which we still have played very little, remember to apply the principles you should every time you approach a piece of music.  Think before you play is the first principle.   Think about the key signature – and if it stays with one key signature throughout the piece.  Think about the time signature – also noticing any changes that take place.  Think about the tempo and expression marks, which will help you prepare for how and why you are playing those notes.

As we rehearse more and more, you’ll be able to think about what the other instruments are playing as well.  But – to help you with hearing those other parts, at the very end of these notes we will paste in a few YouTube possibilities for our pieces.

From rehearsal on Saturday, please remember:

In tricky rhythmic places, put ‘slashes’ in your music to indicate where the beats are, so that you can feel those beats and see how your part compares with them.

Speaking of rhythm, in Millennium, there are lot of changes back and forth between regular 8th notes and triplet 8th notes – please notice them and keep a steady pulse as you go back and forth. 

In Dance Macabre, there are big solo places for woodwinds and Violin I of course, and then everyone needs to look at 18 – 21, where the wild dancing in the graveyard has gotten to its peak J.

In Poet and Peasant, remember that there are several rather different sections – practice them separately, then start to put them together.

Though we haven’t played the Barber yet, keep in mind that the 8th note pulse will stay the same throughout the piece (not fast), so perhaps practice just counting to 7 and then 6 and back to 7, feeling “1” each time.   J

Thanks for a great start to our year, and we’ll see you in two weeks on September 9th!

Mr. Armerding and Mr. Corbin


JS music YouTube sites for fall  ’17:


Poet and Peasant:

Dance Macabre (Seattle YS!):

Choreo Primo:



Berceuse and Finale (by the Houston Youth Symphony…and keep them in your thoughts!!)

Chorale Prelude (this one is on Organ, because I couldn’t find an orchestra version on YouTube…)



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