August 31, 2016

JS rehearsal notes from August 27:

(Mr. Corbin): Wow, what a terrific start to “Yagi-Bushi”! Remember, your “homework” is to go online and listen to the rest of the piece, in lieu of practicing it since I am about halfway through writing it out. But keep up the excellent and responsive rehearsal technique!

(Mr. Armerding): Good reading on “Greensleeves”! To help you with your ‘homework' on this one, here is a YouTube recording of a performance by the FSU summer camp (HS students):

Remember that we have to count our rests carefully in this piece, because our entrances often sound just like other parts, but are a few beats off in when they start!

Beseda: The ‘hemiola’ rhythm is coming – keep trying to feel that as you play it. Notice the tempo changes in this piece (we have a lot of that this concert!), because of the different sections involved.

Rumanian Overture: please look carefully at your accidentals, and practice those melodic figures that have the 1 1/2 step intervals (C# - Bb, G# - F natural, etc.). Also practice the dynamic changes – both the swells over 1 or 2 bars as well as the ‘echo’ effects.

El Relicario: Remember the accent on the first note of the measures so often; make sure you notice the key change and hear the music change from Major to Minor.

Have a great two weeks, and play your instrument as much as possible!

We’ll see you on September 10th!


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