August 31, 2018

Good afternoon Youth Orchestra!

I hope last rehearsal was an eye-opening-experience!  We have much to fix in the Bizet and I know you all will rise to the occasion.  Here are some detailed notes, please mark anything that pertains to your part.  


Celli, Clarinet, Bassoon and Trumpet: you all have the melody together. Please mark in your part who else is playing with you and make sure to listen to those sections in rehearsal.

Timpani and Bass: Much more on your 2nd and 3rd beats throughout, it should feel earth-shaking!

All: In measure 12, we will start moving forward slightly to the end of the movement.  Write some eyeglasses in your part so you know to watch.  Don’t forget  

      that we go into a subdivided 3 pattern 3 measures before the end.  Please mark it.


In 1. Mark it if it is not already marked.  

Celli/Bass:  Stay with me at all times, you are the heartbeat.

Piccolo and Clarinet: Practice your 16th notes with metronome, they are falling behind a bit.  

Violin I/Piccolo:  It is very important that you practice the intonation for the high passage starting 8 after B.  You are together here so listen to each other.

                          Practice letter C with a metronome.

All:  The 8th measure of C will be more stated, a tad bit held back with the tempo.  17 after C put in eyeglasses and mark In 3. 18 and 19 after C are in 1 

       and 20 and 21 after C are in 3.  13 before D is A Tempo, back in 1.  Mark eyeglasses 3 before letter E, rall. molto.  A tempo at E.  Mark it all. 

       Eyeglasses for the last 3 measures.


Harp:  Please practice entire movement with metronome, try several different speeds so you are able to follow me in rehearsal.  Memorize the first 2

           measures and stick to me like glue.

Solo insruments:  Be free, but be with me.  Lots of looking up.


That’s plenty for now!  Practice up, an email about chair auditions has been sent to you all so don’t forget that they are coming up!  

I sent officer applications out.  If you did not receive one, please email me.

Keep at it, YO!  Have an amazing day off of rehearsal this Monday!


Mr. Upton


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