AYSP Luminaria Bag Folding

Dear Youth Symphony Students and Parents,

Tonight all YS students are coming home with a grocery bag full of luminaria bags to be folded. Please review the instructions in your students bag, also copied below. 


Why do I have these bags?!

All AYSP ensembles participate in the luminaria tradition. All students in the program are REQUIRED to fold one brick of luminaria bags (300 bags total).


What do I do with these bags?

Please follow instructions carefully. The quality of our luminarias is why most of our customers purchase from us every year. Poorly folded bags will not be able to be used, and you may be asked to refold, and even pay for, new bags.


Note: Please do not purchase bags from the grocery store, Wal-Mart, etc. to replace any that you tear. All of our bags must be the same. Please come by the AYSP facility, and we will be happy to give you some more.


Deadline: Saturday, October 7, 2017 - All bags must be returned to the AYSP facility during rehearsals or regular office hours no later than Saturday, October 7, 2017.




Step #1:      Take an unfolded bag and double fold the top of the bag so that it is about the width of a quarter.  Carefully fold the creases inside-out to create a double folded sleeve. If the bag tears visibly, discard it. Consistency in the width of the fold is critical.  Students are to fold 12 bags and bring to rehearsal NEXT WEEK for inspection by a parent manager or volunteer. 


For more information, view the YouTube video at www.youtube.com/watch?v=aLUt7JwEBus


Step #2:      Count stacks of one dozen (12) bags each. Face each dozen in the same direction (i.e. all folds to the right). Take five (5) dozen bags and rotate each dozen to help keep them identified. Then place these five dozen into an unfolded bag – you may use a defective bag from step one for this.


Step #3:      When you have a total of five bags of five dozen each (25 dozen), pack these into the Trader Joe’s Grocery bag.


Step #4:      Fold the shorter sides of the Trader Joe’s bag down first and press firmly with your arm or both hands.  Now fold and press the wider edges down firmly until you get an overlapping seal.  Immediately put a strip of sealing tape across to pull this together. Complete the seal by placing a long strip of tape along the top center.


Step #5:      With a magic marker, write the student’s name, ensemble and the total number of dozen folded bags on the outside (25 dozen makes a full brick).  Congratulations!  You have just completed one full bundle of 25 dozen folded luminarias.


Step #6:      Turn in your bundle on or before the first week of October 2017 (YS/YO- 10/2, YCO- 10/4, Jr Groups 10/7). You should have one bundle of 25 dozen.  


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