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Register by Monday, August 29, 2016. (find registration form attached)


Small groups of musicians perform chamber music, with one musician to each part. The valuable skills and lessons derived from symphonic music performance are amplified in chamber music. Within a chamber group each member is a section, highlighting and strengthening a student’s abilities through self-directed and team-guided learning. Chamber music promotes collaboration and encourages the interactive exchange of musical ideas. It has the unique ability to function in non-traditional spaces, allowing easier access to the community.

HOW IT WORKS [Coachings and Rehearsals]

All students who register are grouped based on instrument, level of playing, and availability. Upon acceptance into the program, all students are required to participate in the full chamber music season, consisting of two 10-week semesters. During the 10-week semester, students will meet every week for one hour at the Dale E. Kempter Centre for Music Education, either on Monday or Wednesday between 4pm – 6pm (Students sign-up for specific rehearsal slots based on their availability). The 10 weeks are divided into 6 coachings, 2 chamber group rehearsals and 2 masterclasses. Each chamber group is assigned a trained UNM graduate student who will lead the 6 coaching sessions. On weeks without coaching sessions, students must rehearse independently with their chamber group. The objective of rehearsals is for the students to apply and perfect what they learn during the coaching sessions.

Fall Semester Dates: September 12, 2016 through November 20, 2016

Spring Semester Dates: January 30, 2017 through April 23, 2017                                             


Each chamber group will perform in two public masterclasses at the end of each semester. A highly trained professional musician will guide each masterclass. All chamber groups are required to participate and parents are encouraged to attend.

Fall Masterclass Dates: Monday, November 14th, 2016

Spring Masterclass Dates: Monday, April 17th, 2017


Tuition is $120 for the full year (unless you apply for tuition assistance). Tuition covers the cost of coaches and purchasing new repertoire. Tuition assistance is available, and families in need are encouraged to apply. Please see Michael Sleeter to request assistance.


Please contact Dr. Strong at 875-1319 or with any questions.






We rely on donations from generous individuals and businesses like you to provide symphonic performance experiences to Albuquerque’s talented young musicians and access to music education for students in need.

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