Dress Rehearsal and Concert Information

Please review the following information carefully – it contains important details about the dress rehearsal and concert. Concerts and dress rehearsals are REQUIRED activities for participation in the AYSP. If for any reason you/your student may be absent, you must e-mail your conductor/s to discuss the situation ASAP.

Dress Rehearsal – Saturday, April 27th, 12:50pm – 1:30pm (required)

Report Time: 12:20pm

End Time: 1:30pm

Location: Students should enter Popejoy Hall (very quietly – as YO will be on stage finishing their rehearsal) through the loading dock.

  • Everyone goes down the stairs to the right, then back up the stairs on the other side to unpack instruments in the Upstairs Green Room on the east side of the stage. Please keep floors clear with cases in dressing rooms on counters and against the walls, and wait to tune with your conductor.
  • At 1:45pm, your parent managers will take you out to the stage.
  • After rehearsal, you will go back to the Green Room to retrieve your cases and exit the hall by taking the East Stairs back down and up again on the West Stairs to the Loading Dock.
  • Parents are welcome to sit in the auditorium and listen to the dress rehearsal.

Attire: Casual. We encourage students to wear any AYSP shirt.

Ticket Vouchers: AYSP student ticket vouchers will be handed out during dress rehearsal.

Concert – Sunday, April 28th, 1:00pm (required)

Report Time: 12:30pm

Concert: 1:00pm

End Time: 2:30pm

Location: Students should enter Popejoy Hall through the loading dock. Parent volunteers will be on hand to direct students to the stage. Students are to unpack their instruments and leave cases in the upstairs Green Room.

After your performance, students will exit Stage Right/East to pack up their instruments, then follow your Conductor/Parent Manager to take your seats in the audience, sitting together during the JSO and JO portion of the concert. Parents can pick up their students from the seating area after the entire concert is completed.

Concert Attire: Concert Dress. Colorful dressy outfits! Skirts must fall below the knee when seated. No jeans, high-heels or sneakers.

Recording: Real Image Productions will be recording the concert. Video DVD’s can be ordered at the concert.


We rely on donations from generous individuals and businesses like you to provide symphonic performance experiences to Albuquerque’s talented young musicians and access to music education for students in need.

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