February 11, 2017

ANNOUNCEMENT: Middle School Marimba Band Forming!

Mr. Corbin and Mr. Kramer (our Percussion Specialist) are starting a Middle School AYSP Marimba Band!  The group is open to any AYSP middle school student regardless of primary instrument, and no marimba experience is required.  Through the courtesy of Steve Chavez, a local marimba specialist, the program has access to three large Mexican "buzz" marimbas for use this spring.  We hope the group will include 10-15 marimba players and percussionists, and up to two upright or electric bass players.

Rehearsals will be Saturdays from 12-1pm in the Junior Symphony rehearsal room.  No additional tuition is required.  Students must maintain the music of their respective ensembles in order to participate.  Consistent attendance is necessary to keep up with the quick progress we will make as a band.

MARIMBA BAND PERFORMANCES: The Marimba Band will perform at the following events, with additional performance opportunities to be determined:

  • April 9, Sunday, 6pm, AYSP Building (AYSP fundraising event)
  • April 30, Sunday, Time TBD, Lobby of Popejoy Hall (between Gala concerts)

There are potential performances at the Dist. VII Solo and Ensemble Festival on Apr. 29 at Roosevelt MS (time TBD), at the AYSP Chamber Recital this spring, and even an opportunity to make a recording to send in to All-State to be considered as a General Music Honor Group for January 2018!

Please contact Mr. Corbin for more details or come to our first rehearsal this Saturday, Feb. 25!  Please note that normally rehearsals will be from 12-1pm, but because of an Albuquerque: The Magazine photo shoot, the first Marimba Band rehearsal will end at 12:30pm.

Rehearsal Notes February 11, 2017

Stars and Stripes Forever

We didn't get to this today, but please keep working this important piece of music.  It has challenges for each and every section, and to play it well will require maturity and careful preparation.

Sleeping Beauty Waltz

Mr. Armerding asked how rehearsal went, and I told him about our "two orchestra" syndrome: how the first orchestra that plays is slow to start and doesn't sound as good as the second orchestra that comes along (on or about the third try on a passage or piece), and how I SO much prefer to work with that second group!  Be ready to start on time and in time!

Warrior Legacy

You would NOT be able to tell this was our newest piece of music!  That said, remember that dynamics are relative.  Everything in this piece is relatively softer than what it says, given that fortississimo is our top.

Sing, Sing, Sing

It's all about the "du-ba-du-ba-du" and that jazzy swing feeling.  Jazz is a language and you HAVE to listen to get the style.  As Duke Ellington says, "It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing!"

Lord of the Dance

For the correct style on this, everyone with a melodic passage must play with more confidence.  Some instruments have more melody passages than others in this piece, and some players are already showing great signs of leadership and maturity.  Keep working these SLOWLY outside of rehearsal.


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