February, 25, 2017

Hello JS Students!

We enjoyed rehearsal last week, and feel that we are on a good track for our concert in April!  Keep practicing, keep listening, and keep attending :-).  At this point, remember that we are assuming that you know your notes and rhythms by now - we've been working on the pieces for a while.  Now is the time to go beyond that.  As a general principle, think about working on the SOFTER dynamic range of your playing.  We've talked about how our loud sounds are pretty good, and the more sophisticated work from now on will focus on making the softer sections really soft, which can be so beautiful, and make the louder sections more effective. 

Warrior Legacy:

Violin I: remember, the solo will be audtioned in two weeks, on March 11!  If you can't be here that day, try to send me a recording - at armerdingj@aa.edu

In general, keep the energy in this one, and remember soft dynamics, as well as setting off accents in a marcato way - that is for everyone. 

Stars and Stripes:

Again - listen to this at least a couple of times this week (should be easy to find!).  We want you to have the feeling of the piece as you practice.  DYNAMICS!!

Sleeping Beauty Waltz:

All: remember the marcato accents in the 'hemiola' sections in particular. 

All:  the introduction (m. 1-36)!  "Practice as if you have to play it as a solo!"

Strings: keep the waltz melody Piano when marked that way!

Lord of the Dance:

Violins (and upper woodwinds): practice the reel sections!  We want it to be fast and fun.

Sing, Sing, Sing:

Again, listen to this and some other swing jazz classics - YouTube will be full of them!  You have to listen and feel the style to play this piece correctly. 

Middle School Marimba Band

Marimba Band is off and running!  If you were unable to attend, please feel free to join the throng of folks that showed for the first-ever AYSP Middle School Marimba Band.  Consider though that regular attendance is critical, since we have a handful of rehearsals before our first public appearance, so if you have conflicts think seriously about joining.  Also, given our limited rehearsal time, Marimba Band students are expected to practice this music outside of group rehearsals just like our “regular” music.  There are lots of ways to accomplish this without a marimba at home though, including using a piano or keyboard, playing the notes on your regular instrument to learn how the songs go, or even practicing on a printed-out page with the layout of a keyboard on it!  GO MARIMBA!


See you all on Saturday! 



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