February 25, 2017

JO Rehearsal on February 25, 2017

Parents and Students:  Thank you for arriving early to rehearsal.  It makes such a difference to have everyone in their chair ready to start right at 9:00!

Parents:   Please check with your child for a “Read and Heed” that was passed out at the rehearsal

Strings – I looked around the room as you were playing Mozart and saw that most of you were playing the eighth notes at the balance part of the bow!  Nice!!!! Continue to practice that way!  And do not forget that the quarter notes must be also short, but a little longer than the eighth notes.

Winds & Percussion – You did a good job in spite of having so many students missing from the section!  Winds - remember to keep all quarter notes short with a good sound in the Mozart.  We still need to work on coming in together.

Students:  You are very much on your way to learning the music.  Please practice the spots that are still challenging to you as well as the spots that were reminded about in rehearsal.  The concert will be here before you know it!

Next week we will concentrate on “Dance of the Hours”.  This piece has some tricky spots.  You all know the spots I am talking about.  CHALLENGE to all sectionsMemorize from #86 to the end!!!!!  Can you do it???  Practice with the metronome - Start slowly and gradually get up speed.  The goal is a quarter note = 120. 

As usual, please come prepared to the rehearsal next week! The order of the rehearsal will be:

  1.  The Prince of Denmark’s March
  2.  The Dance of the Hours
  3.  Symphony No.35, The Linz
  4.  Aragonaise from “Carmen”
  5.  A La Mariachi
  6.  Morning

Make it a good week!

Mrs. Robertson & Mr. Austell


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