February 27, 2016

JO Parents:  What wonderful students we have in JO!  We rehearsed 4 pieces of our concert music today.  The students were all attentive and are really coming along!  However, there are still a few spots that some students are having trouble with.  Only a little practice every day on a troublesome spot should help immensely!

Thank you for having your student early for sectionals.  It is so appreciated!

JO Students:  The pieces we rehearsed today are really starting to sound!  You are capturing phrasing and mood of each piece!  However, there are some students that are still playing wrong notes.  Please take some time every day to practice one spot that you are still having trouble with.  If you need extra help, Mrs. Robertson always arrives at 8:00 am and would be glad to help you!  Please do not hesitate to ask! 

The following pieces are going to be rehearsed next week.  Please look at the tempo markings and rehearse with the metronome.  Suggested spots to practice are listed below.

“March to the Scaffold”:  Quarter note = 108
                                        Rhythmic accuracy from m. 60 to m. 66
                                        Overall rhythmic accuracy on the dotted 8th-16th note rhythms

“Firework Music”:       Quarter note = 116
                                   The difference between accented and unaccented notes           
                                   8th note passages between #4 & #8.for intonation

“Cantabile”:                Quarter note = 112 (A little faster than we have been rehearsing)
                                   Practice as legato (smooth) as possible
                                   Give special attention to m. 29 to the end

“English Fugue”:        Quarter note = 88
                                   Be sure to subdivide for rhythmic accuracy
                                   Give special attention to Letter L to Letter M and ALL 16th note passages                                      

“Slavonic Legend”:     Quarter note = 110
                                   Measure 80 (THE KEY CHANGE) to the end
                                   The changes of articulation
                                   Be sure to subdivide for rhythmic accuracy

“William Tell Overture”:   Quarter note =100                                   

  M. 35 – keep all 8th notes short!
              Coda to the end for rhythmic accuracy – subdivide!
              Check over #55 for intonation in the violins and violas!

Have a great week!   See you soon!

Mrs. Robertson and Mr. Austell

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