February 4, 2017


The Junior Symphony Dress Rehearsal in Popejoy Hall is on April 29 from 1-1:45pm.  We will need to be in the building by 12:45pm so we can use our onstage time most efficiently.  Everyone should stay tuned for more announcements about our Popejoy experience later this semester.

I bring this to your attention because SOLO AND ENSEMBLE is also on Saturday, April 29!  It's at Roosevelt MS in Tijeras, so also keep that in mind.

Wind and percussion instrumentalists and parents, I need you and your students to politely remind their band directors of this potential conflict (12:45-1:45pm), and that they need to request a Solo and Ensemble performance time that finishes by at least noon, or starts no earlier than 2:45pm.  I will gently remind band directors of this as well, but having everyone watching out for this potentially disastrous conflict with the Junior Symphony dress rehearsal attendance requirement will help.


If you have passages for which you do not know the notes, you MUST get those under your fingers soon.  April 30th seems far away, but we will need to spend our rehearsal time working on our interpretation of the music (effective dynamics, balance, intonation, etc.).  Everyone please practice efficiently and effectively: slow but extrememly accurate.

Sleeping Beauty

Please remember all the markings that are to continue in each section (usually marked "sim.").  This includes accents/marcato in the Coda.

Stars and Stripes

We have so many resources available online regarding the history of our National March, so please look into them.  You can even see a handwritten copy by Sousa himself!  Pretty neat.  Allow that to inspire your practice and performance of this piece.

Lord of the Dance

This one is perfect for practicing slow and steady.  Not everyone has melody throughout, but every section has at least one passage of "heightened challenge".  Please try to make them less challenging by practicing them carefully.

Warrior Legacy

We had a great breakthrough on this piece in rehearsal, so keep up the spirited performance!  I'm sure THAT'S what inspired the Patriots to win the Superbowl....

Sing, Sing, Sing

Every time we program this piece, I reinvigorate my love of swing music and the "big band" era.  What a national treasure!  Please get lost for at least a half an hour on YouTube finding great recordings of classic tunes.  Let "Sing, Sing, Sing" be your jumping-off point!


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