Dear Youth Symphony Parents,

The AYSP Behavior Expectations, Prohibited Activities, No. 6 reads as follows:

"Engaging in buying, selling, giving, delivering, using, possessing, or being under the influence of tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, a controlled substance (without a prescription), or a dangerous drug at any time and regardless of whether the student is on AYSP property or at an AYSP related activity.

If an AYSP conductor, staff member, parent, and/or volunteer determines that a student has engaged in any prohibited activities during any AYSP activity, the student will be sent home immediately. The parent/guardian will be financially responsible for any damages or expenses that result from the student engaging in any prohibited activity, and the student will be immediately dismissed as a participant in any AYSP activities. Tuition will be non-refundable."

It has come to our attention that members of the Youth Symphony may have been drinking alcohol from their water bottles during rehearsals. If this is found to be true, this is what will happen:

1. Your child's membership in this organization will immediately be terminated.
2. Your child's school band or orchestra director will be notified.
3. Because drinking alcohol under the age of 21 is illegal, we are legally bound to report any offending students to the authorities.

1. Water bottles are no longer allowed in rehearsals.
2. No student is allowed to leave rehearsal during rehearsal times. Students must use the restrooms before rehearsal, during break or after rehearsal.

Thank you for your attention to this very serious matter.

Albuquerque Youth Symphony Program


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