January 14, 2017

January 14, 2017

Great job reading our new pieces on Saturday!  We really enjoyed hearing you, and others who came by were very impressed that you were playing them for the first time! 

Sleeping Beauty: 

Strings – violins, violas, cellos mainly – work on the introduction (mm. 1 – 36)!  This is probably the hardest part for you. 

Flutes and clarinets also look at those measures – the ones with 8th notes especially.  Everyone check rhythm at 73-74, 81-82, and places like that – we have ‘team 1, team 2’ rhythms that are tricky! 

Everyone:  mark clearly the ‘roadmap’ – where we go back to the sign; where we skip to the Coda. 


Lord of the Dance:

Violins – this is your big piece – practice a lot – slowly at first and then let it go!

Percussion – we also depend on you a lot!  Work on the ‘feel’ of the different meters.

Winds – many solos for you as well – play soulfully!


Sing, Sing, Sing:

Everyone:  Go to YouTube and LISTEN to the piece played by Benny Goodman, with Gene Krupa and the band.  (Other versions as well would be fine…)  It will be very fast, but try to get the feel of the piece.  It is fun!!


Two new pieces on Saturday!! 


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