January, 16, 2017


GREAT!!!! Rehearsal on Monday night. Thank you so much for many of you coming prepared and for having such a great attitude on our sight reading journey! I am super excited about this spring's program. No rehearsal next Monday due to the MLK Holiday but take the time to be totally prepared for your string chair auditions on Monday Jan 23rd. Winds, brass, and percussion need to be prepared on the music as well. I will be doing a wind/brass sectional that evening. It will be a blast!! Especially if we're prepared. (-: Strings...below is a list of possible spots for the chair audition. Try to spend careful practice on these passages. Mark everything that you need to help you play the best audition possible. I know it's going to be a strong audition for everyone.

Vln 1-Prokoffief: 19-48, 79-86, (please mark double notes 50-51), 100-110 Bach: Beginning-2, Pick Up 4 before 4-5, Pick Up 5-end Chronicles: mm 4-19 (all upper divisi), Pick Up to 73-81, 116-136 (all upper divisi) 183-end (all upper divisi) Mendelssohn: All

Vln 2-Prokoffief: 33-48, (please mark double notes 50-51), Bach: beginning-2, Pick Up 4 before 4-5, Pick Up to 5-end  Chronicles: 11-19, 21-27, 73-80, 116-136, 150-162, 183-end (all upper divis) Mendelssohn-all

Viola-Prokofieff: 34-53, 63-74 (octave gliss), Bach: Pick up to 2-2 before 3, 2 before 4-end  Chronicles: 11-19, 21-27, 43-50, 73-85, 115-136, 150-164, Mendelssohn: All          

Cello-Prokofieff: 45-55, 110-120, Bach: 1-Repeat, 3-end, Chronicles:43-50 (all upper divisi), 145-168, Mendelssohn: all

Bass-Prokofieff: 45-55, Bach: 1-Repeat, 3-end, Chronicles: 41-50, 145-168, Mendelssohn: all

Have a great week...a great holiday weekend...and I'll see you on Monday Jan 23rd.  Sincerely,  Mrs. Hill


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