January 21, 2017

January 21, 2017

Thanks to everyone who braved the snowy streets and got there!  We had very good attendance in the context of everything J 

* Good reading on the overture we tried – remember to practice sight-reading from time to time – a very valuable skill! 

Stars and Stripes!

There are lots of challenges in this very familiar and wonderful piece.  Please use your pencil carefully to mark accidentals, since there are a lot of them!  Work out the passages SLOWLY for now – you want to learn the note patterns accurately before you try to go fast at all.    *Assignment for everyone: look this up on YouTube and listen – listen, listen, listen!  J


Sleeping Beauty Waltz

Remember the ‘hemiola’ sections with the accents and marcato articulation, so that the different rhythms line up properly! 


Lord of the Dance

Those of you with fast 8th note passages, work them out SLOWLY once again, and work them with a metronome so you stay steady at whatever tempo you choose.  Strings, remember to use small amounts of bow especially for the fast parts!  Everyone: notice the accented places, especially if they are syncopated – help keep the dance going. 


Sing, Sing, Sing

We didn’t do a lot with it today, but keep working out the note patterns slowly, and then once again – look it up and LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN!   To play this style correctly we have to have it in our ear. 


See you on the 28th!  Our new piece, “Warrior Legacy”, HAS arrived now, so we will be able to read it on Saturday.  Keep playing/practicing as much as possible, and remember to be good band and orchestra members in your school groups! 

Mr. A


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