January 23, 2016

Hi JS!  

We hope you learned a lot from your sectional time last Saturday, and are working on the things you talked about and discovered.  Remember just a few other things:

In “Take Five” (the piece of music…! :-)  ), strings remember that the 8th notes are on the string and played with ‘swing’ feel.  The bowing patterns are funny in places, so please work those out slowly and consistently so they become natural.  

"Sea Songs” - we all have dramatic changes of dynamics – make sure you are doing those!  Cellos and basses you have a lot of low, quick 8th notes that sound just rather ‘growly’ right now – practice them carefully for pitch.  All strings, work on going back and forth from arco to pizz – in this song it is a big challenge to keep the rhythm while we are changing!

“Chant Rituals” – for everyone, practice counting the rests in places where you aren’t playing.  There are lots of entrances after fairly long rests that are not with other sections – we need confidence on them!  You can find lots of the band arrangement of this online, but there is at least one small orchestra doing their best to play this piece on YouTube.  Really, any listening would help though!

“Lord of the Rings” – Just keep working out the different sections – lots of different tempos and dynamics.  The  melodies at 51 – 69 (and similar places) have subtle rhythm differences in places that look very similar – look carefully at those!  Count, count, count!

Keep practicing, and we expect to have at least one more piece for you either this week or next!  

Mr. Armerding and Mr. Corbin


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