JO Notes from August 21,2012

Hello Everyone!


Parents:  We had a good rehearsal on Saturday!  We are excited about the new JO season! We DO have rehearsal on Aug. 28th!


Students:  Thank you for a good sight-reading session of the JO!  Now the work in perfecting each peace begins:

  • Sectionals will be starting on September 4th! We DO have full rehearsal this Saturday Aug. 28th!
  • Before you start practicing each piece, listen to it in You tube or  The only piece you will probably not find is the Russian Fantasy.  I will look for a recording done by an earlier Junior Orchestra. 
  • When you start to practice – work on little chunks of music at a time!  Think about how we rehearsed in orchestra – Did you breathe before the first note?  Did you start at the right part of the bow?  Etc.
  • Russian Fantasy: 
    • Those instruments who have the first note “sfz” and the second note “pp” – practice going from the forte to the piano using a good big sound on the forte (strings use full bow, stop the bow, then play the piano tremolo.   
    • Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone, and Snare have solos in the first part of this piecefrp, #1 - #14. Be sure you look over these solos so you can play them next Saturday.
    • #22 – #30 - Trumpet – you have a very important solo  
    • Flute you has the melody from #22 – #46.
    • Clarinet you have the melody with the flutes from #30 – 46.
    • Beginning to #14 – 22  - short quarter notes! 
    • # 22 Violins/Viola have a the melody
    • Cellos – You have the melody from #14 -@22.
  • Sword Dance:
    • Start at #37 and work your way to the end!  Practice 4 measures at a time.  Make sure you follow the dynamics!  Strings should only play all at the lower part of the bow. Don’t forget to breath at each entrance.

For next rehearsal:

  • We will be looking at the Emperor Walts at the start of rehearsal. Find a recording online of this piece. Listen to it and be familiar with your part
  • We will continue working on Russian Fantasy
  • Please be ready to rehearse the second half of Sword Dance and Slingshot
  • Lastly, we will continue work on Freedom Finale and Barcarolle

See you this Saturday!




Mrs. Robertson and Mr. Austell


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