February 15, 2020

JO Rehearsal Notes


Hello JO Students and Parents,  

We had our third sectional and all the students have had lessons on all the music.  It is so important at this time to practice as directed by the conductors and sectional leaders.  Students - Make sure of your articulation, phrasing, intonation and style.  Strings – you must practice the bowing in the right part of the bow so it feels natural at the concert. You cannot expect it to happen at the dress rehearsal.

Thank you for a good reading of the Blue Danube!  I think it will be a challenging and beautiful piece (only if you have prepared this piece well)!

Practice with a metronome! This week Concentrate on the following 3 pieces.

  • Your practice needs to be dedicated to:
    • Hornpipe - Tempo goal is quarter note = 96.  Please set your metronome at 88 to start and then notch up to until you get to 96.
    • Blue Danube - Careful consideration to the tempo markings throughout.  This entire piece must be almost memorized because there will be a lot of tempo changes that will require looking up at the conductor. Violins – please have #127 to the end memorized.
    •  Farandole - make sure you are playing the correct bowing.  Everyone – practice with the metronome.


Our last sectional will be next Saturday. All notes and rhythms need to be learned and perfected so that your section coaches can work purely on the musical aspects of each piece as opposed to teaching things that could have easily been taken care of during individual practice. Be prepared to play all the music!  You can do it!

We're looking forward to working towards another great performance! We look forward to seeing you on Saturday!  Have a good productive week!

Mrs. Robertson / Mr. Austell


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