MARCH 7, 2010

JO Rehearsal Notes

 Hello JO Students and Parents,  

We had a very productive rehearsal today.  Thank you students for your cooperation and good playing!  We got a lot done!

The following is a review of the pieces we worked on and what in particular to watch for when you practice.


We worked on playing with more energy in the start of all quartet notes, getting your biggest, nicest sound.  More breath and bow speed at the beginning of the quarter notes, separating them.   The eighth notes should be played very short.  Work on more dynamic contrast.  Practice with the metronome, remembering to play the eighth note before the sixteenth notes short.  Winds and brass have a lot of solo parts in this that need to be practiced with the metronome!  These are very exposed parts!

“Blue Danube”

A Violins, you are really coming along on the last passage of “Blue Danube”. Don’t forget to have it memorized for next Saturday.  Violas – be braver on your solos especially in “Blue Danube”.  Everyone should memorize their part so they can watch the conductor. This is a piece that requires lots of attention!  Between #50 and #58 is an accelerando, with #58 in one.# 65 should be conductors “Ad Lib” with tempo resuming at #    66.


Everyone should practice with the metronome.  Strings, the eighth notes should be off the string.  Mark in reminders for key change#17, Mark in the accidentals if you keep making a mistake.


Basses will play this from memory on Saturday.  Winds – please practice your parts.  Check your key signature.


Review Section #27 - #38.  Eighth notes are all short.  Accents at #27!

Mrs. Robertson and Mr. Austell


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