JS - Rehearsal Notes (8-29-15)

JS Students and Parents,

Please work on the following over the next two weeks:

March: Winds/Brass: crisp and accurate on the main theme;
Violins – keep the 16th quick (NOT triplets);
Brass – big and strong at 17!
Viola/Cello, then Clarinets after 17 – count carefully, then play the 8th notes clearly and evenly.
Flutes – very quick with the grace note things at 8, 16, 32, 40, etc.
Strings – light, off the string 8ths and 16ths after 41.

Trepak – everyone review it all, since we didn’t play it today!

Hava Nagila:
Practice getting faster from 21 to the Allegro Vivo at 37!
Flutes – again, very quick grace note figures at 46 and similar places
Everyone - Energy for the end especially!

Villanescas – beautiful sounds – long quarter notes, soloistic melodies when you have the 16th note melodies.
All winds: Practice the entire ‘Molto andante’ especially – it is your place to shine!

Remember that everyone should play with a marcato, rather accented style for the quarter notes and the unusual rhythms, and then big and long for the half/whole note melodies.

Count carefully, feel the measures as the pulse, and think about whether you have the ‘hemiola’ figure or not.
Violas: practice 65-72 – we didn’t go over it specially, but it is difficult and exposed
Energetic accents throughout! (remember short bows near the frog, strings!)

Locomotive Chase:
Again, much of this is energetic and marcato, so bring out the accents by slightly separating before them.
Background rhythmic figure (8ths with accents) very solid and clear
Melodies should be more aggressive in sound, with longer articulation on the notes in general.

*Remember no rehearsal on September 5; next time is September 12th, and we start with sectionals at 8:45! Thanks for a good rehearsal today!

Mr. Armerding and Mr. Corbin


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