Luminaria Sales Packets and Information

Tonight before rehearsal, luminaria packets will be distributed to the students who have turned in the “opt-in” luminaria fundraiser form from 5:30–6:15 PM. Any changes to, or omissions of, the opt-in/opt-out form need to be directed to the Luminaria Committee volunteers tonight.

All members of AYSP Youth ensembles have the opportunity to participate in the AYSP tours luminaria fundraiser. Funds earned from the luminaria fundraiser are used to support AYSP tours. Students will not be eligible to receive fundraising credit if they have not actively participated in all aspects of the luminaria fundraiser - folding, selling, work day assembly and delivery.

All luminaria bags are due back before rehearsal TONIGHT, October 17th!

Bundling Instructions (must refer to instructions passed out previously and attached):
· Rotate 5 dozen bags and put in luminaria bag.
· Put 4 of the 5 dozen bags in a brown paper grocery bag. This equals 20 dozen bags.
· Write student’s name, ensemble and # of dozen in big letters on the outside of grocery bag.
· Tape bag as instructed.

AYSP is known for the quality and consistency of their folded bags. Reminder that the bags are to be double folded and the final fold is to be the width of a quarter. The bags are also to be free of rips or open seams on the bottom.

We have received a few calls from students and parents that some of their bags are discolored or the glue on the bottom is defective. If this is the case for you, please do not fold these bags, but pick up new bags from a Luminaria Committee volunteer at rehearsal this evening. Students are required to fold 40 dozen.

The luminaria packet includes:
· AYSP Luminaria 101: Everything you need to know about selling luminarias.
· New Customer Order Forms: These forms are for new customers. Make copies as needed.
· Customer Lead Forms: These are forms that contain contact information for past customers who are expecting a call again this year. If you sold last year, you are also receiving your previous customers’ information.

Dates to Remember:

November 7th: All existing customers must be called by this day for students to receive credit. After this date, if the customer says the student has not called, or if they order online without putting in the student’s name, the sale will go to the tour general fund.

November 7th: All order forms are due. (This is the last regular Monday rehearsal before our concert.)

November 5th from 1:00-5:00 PM: Calling party – everyone welcome and pizza provided. Students can come into the AYSP facility to make calls off their own lead sheets or make additional customer calls provided by the office. Remember, call sheets are due on November 7th. Get everything turned in 2 days early!

November 19th from 1:00-5:00 PM: Final calling party (with pizza). Call customers who have not already placed an order. This is a great way to make a lot of extra sales which means raising even more money for your tour account. Credit will go to the student who makes the sale.

AYSP is currently reviewing the workhouse applications and will be finalizing the workhouses soon. Students who have opted in will choose a workhouse and will be given further instructions. Students who choose to sell, MUST assemble and deliver on luminaria day in order to receive credit for their sales.

Mark your calendar with the following dates:
Saturday, December 3rd: Luminaria Day!
Saturday, December 10: Rain/Snow Day for Luminaria day.


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