March 11, 2017

Hello Junior Symphony! 

Thanks for a good rehearsal on Saturday.  I heard a great quote this weekend, which I think applies to some things that Mr. Corbin was saying during rehearsal:  "Fun is doing hard things really well".  That is what we are all about in JS :-).  And we have been hearing you have fun in that way quite a lot!  I (Mr. Armerding) will miss you next week, but I wanted to send just a few notes. 

First of all, thanks to all the Violin I players who auditioned for the 'Warriors' solo.  Any of you would do a very good job, but I'm happy to announce that ELLA CURB is the winner of the audition this time!  As I said on Saturday, others should be ready just in case :-). 

Lord of the Dance

Two primary messages: 1) those with the fast melodies - keep practicing them with a metronome to get them more and more quick - with control!  Strings, remember this involves using very small bows and motions of the bow arm.  2) for ALL - remember to play the soft dynamics even softer!

Stars and Stripes

Woodwinds and brass: remember your featured sections and keep them coming with great control - big, golden sound from the brass!  Strings:  practice the chromatic motion parts in the 'dogfight' section!

Warrior Legacy

All: remember to play with good articulation - a marcato feel for most of this piece, and again, the places that are soft need to be a real contrast!


All: Don't forget to continue practicing the introduction - we all have challenging notes there!  Background figures:  practice with a metronome 'in 1' to practice feeling the waltz beat and playing 'off' of it. 

Sing, Sing, Sing

Mr. Corbin will be working this a lot next week - everybody practice swinging their notes!  Drummers especially - this is your big piece :-)

Keep practicing - we are proud of you, and it is a privilege for all of us to get to come together on Saturday mornings and 'do hard things really well'!!

Mr. Armerding and Mr. Corbin


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