March 17, 2018

Junior Symphony rehearsal notes for March 17th.

Thanks for a very good rehearsal today - I'm very glad we got through everything!  We have four more full rehearsals, plus our short dress rehearsal in the hall, before our concert on the 29th of April.  It is good for us to think about where we are with each of the pieces, and what we need to practice personally at home, so our rehearsals will be as productive as possible. 

Today I heard good playing all around the orchestra, and I feel we are in good shape.  A few comments:

Gladiator:  This one is is really fine - just small things to improve, such as being very clear and crisp with the short 8th notes, even when they are in Piano dynamics. Those of you working on singing, remember that the words and music are attached to last week's rehearsal notes - they weren't there, but now they are!  :-) 

O Haralambis:  I felt really good about this - just keep dancing!  :-)  And GO team 2 in the Ab section!

Laredo:  We really needed to play those sections a few times as we did today - please keep playing them to get them solidly in your fingers and minds.  Work on those triplets in the 'bullfight' sections.

Dvorak:  Again - this seems in pretty good shape - keep working on the quick 16th notes, the triplet trumpet fanfare places, and the chromatic changes. 

American Salute:  This probably needs the most work - we have lots of technical passages and many notes to bring to a level of fluency.  Practice the 8th note passages both in 12/8 and 4/4 - slowly to make sure of your notes, and then bit by bit getting them faster under control. 

Les Miserables:  the 12/8 and 6/8 section at the beginning - m. 8 - 39 (At the End of the Day) was the weakest today - remember that the dotted quarter is the pulse!  Also, those who have the unusual rhythm in "On My Own" (m. 133-164) practice that with a metronome - the 'lower part' is very tricky especially. 

See you next week - keep practicing, and know that we are proud of your progress! 

Mr. Armerding


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