March 18, 2017

Important Reminders

Raffle Tickets

SELL, SELL, SELL!  Just a reminder to be creatively exploring opportunities you have to sell your bundle of 10 raffle tickets.  Courteously remind potential buyers that not only will they have an opportunity (or double or triple the opportunity if they buy two or three tickets) winning some great prizes, but they will be supporting students in music!  It's a win-win situation, right?!  And remember, the group with the most tickets-per-members wins an evening at Dave and Buster's!  GO JUNIOR SYMPHONY!

Program Shout-Outs

The deadline for the "shout-outs" to go in the April 29/30 concert program is THIS SATURDAY.  Each shout-out is $20, so please contact the office if you, your section or your family are interested in putting a supportive, personalized note in the program for everyone to read.

Rehearsal Notes

Double-check the locations and times of our last handful of rehearsals (most at the regular time and location, except for the final rehearsal in Popejoy on Saturday afternoon, April 29).  Remember that attendance at the final (dress) rehearsal is required and cannot be missed.

Lord of the Dance

Work any and all melodic passages with a metronome, and remember that the final sections are slightly faster.  Lucy will lead us in this change, but be ready to move those Celtic feet and make Michael Flatley proud!

Sing, Sing, Sing

This one is turning out great, but remember to practice with a real swing style.

Stars and Stripes Forever

Good work here, but our challenge is to CORRECTLY and PRECISELY interpret the dotted quarter-eighth note rhythms whenever we have them.  Maestro Sousa insists they be crisp and precise, with no mushiness at all.

Warrior Legacy

I heard two things with which we could do better: pace our dynamics, and settle into the opening tempo with no urgency to move forward.  Intensity, yes, but don't push.  Attention to both will make for a more mature sound and performance.

Sleeping Beauty Waltz

Precise starts to our notes (attention to the left-hand sides of the notes) will make or break our performance of this piece.  Clarity in our opening piece is doubly-important.  Imagine everything having a slight accent, and the notes that ARE accented should be performed similar to forte piano markings.

Mr. Armerding and Mr. Corbin hope you had a great Spring Break, and look forward to our last 3 rehearsals at the building and the two times we see you at Popejoy Hall!


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