March 18, 2017

JO - Rehearsal Notes (3-18-17)

Parents and Students: We have three rehearsals between now and the Popejoy weekend!

Practice Priorities:

Everything that was brought to your individual attention during rehearsal today!

Do everything you can to avoid extra rehearsal time being spent on YOU!!

To be sure, each week brings improvement. At this point in the semester, however, we are looking for the Junior Orchestra to make SIGNIFICANT strides every Saturday. Be sure to practice your Junior Orchestra music OFTEN in preparation for this Saturday's rehearsal!

“A Violins” - please memorize the 1st ending in the Mozart Symphony.

Strings – make sure you are playing b flats where needed!

As always, enjoy the excerpts you can play well, BUT be sure to practice your challenging excerpts MORE!

Remember, the concert is next month! We have 3 more rehearsals left to perfect this music! This concert has the potential of being the best JO concert ever, but it is up to you to learn your parts thoroughly. When you practice, it is important for you to think about things we talked about in rehearsal: fingerings, phrasing, breathing, bow placement, etc.

Make it a good week!

Mrs. Robertson & Mr. Austell


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