March 2, 2019

Wow, we've been having some VERY  productive rehearsals lately, and thank you so much for bringing students through the snow and sleet as best you all could!

About rehearsals, they've been going SO well that we are beyond the point of learning notes and rhythms, and now focus in on the little things that will take the performance from being "good" to becoming "GREAT"!  And as the group sounds better and more cohesive, those little things like intonation or articulations that don't agree really jump out.  When focusing on these seemingly small details, several musically mature concepts are important to remember:

  • Come to rehearsal with all the contents of your JS folder.
  • Practice, practice, practice!  There should be very few spots you couldn't play as a solo at this point.
  • Be ready to put all the things discussed the week before and in the Rehearsal Notes into action.
  • Have a pencil on hand at all times, and mark ANYTHING that is accidentally missed at this point, but write down these "little things" as we rehearse.
  • Finally, MAINTAIN FOCUS THROUGHOUT REHEARSAL, which can be difficult especially if that detail work doesn't directly involve you.  Our most recent rehearsal was Being patient and providing the conductors the environment to perfect these details will be of utmost importance in our remaining rehearsals.  Many times the same interpretation can be applied to your part, thereby saving us rehearsal time!

Again, Ms. Brasher and I are VERY pleased with how things are coming along, and anticipate an incredible concert experience on April 28 in Popejoy, so.... don't get me wrong.  EXCELLENT progress, orchestra!  But let's not let socializing and complacency overtake our drive to be our best musicians ever.

Focus, listen, work, and we will become the best Junior Symphony around.

Thanks and see you Saturday morning, bright smiles and all!

Mr. Corbin and Ms. Brasher


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