March 23. 2019

JO - Rehearsal Notes (3-23-19)

Parents:  You should expect to hear your sons and daughters practicing the music carefully to clarify notes, rhythms, bowings and articulations.   

Students:  At the rehearsal next Saturday, we will start with the same sectional format we used today. To prepare for that, please work especially on the following pieces: 

          Adagio and Allegro

          Londonderry Air

For the ensemble rehearsal, be sure to practice the pieces at the following tempos:

Rosamunde:      Beginning at mm=72

                           Allegro at mm=112

Adagio and Allegro:       Adagio at mm=60

                                         Allegro at mm=108

Londonderry Air:            mm=60

Harry Potter:          Beginning at mm=96

                                Measure 27 at mm=88

                                Measure 34 at mm=100

                                Measure 47 at mm=100

                                Measure 79 at mm=132

                                Measure 142 at mm=72

Sorcerer’s Apprentice: Beginning at mm=80

                                        Measure 18 at dotted half note=80

Cumberland Cross:      Beginning at mm=60

                                       Measure 25 at mm=112                     

Be sure to practice difficult sections slowly at first. Use a metronome if at all possible. Be sure to also include dynamics!

When you arrive early for rehearsal (by 8:45), be sure to warm up and tune up on your own.

Also, be sure to have your instrument, music, pencil, and a tuner (if you own one)

We look forward to seeing you next week!

Mrs. Robertson and Mr. Austell




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