March 4, 2017

JO Rehearsal on March 4, 2017

Parents and Students:  Thank you for arriving early to rehearsal.  It is so nice to be able to start tuning right at 9:00 a.m.

Students:  Thank you for a good rehearsal this week.  We got a lot done!

This week it would really be great if everyday each of you would take one spot in each piece of music that you are still having trouble with.  Work on that spot with a goal that you are going to practice that spot until you can play it better. It is not necessary to start at the beginning of each piece or to start at the easy parts that you can already play well.  If everyone puts forth the effort to learn their trouble spots, you will be amazed how different JO will sound!

As always, enjoy the excerpts you can play well, BUT be sure to practice your challenging excerpts MORE!

Remember, the concert is next month!  We have 5 more rehearsals left to perfect this music!  This concert has a potential of being the best JO concert ever, but it is up to you to learn your parts thoroughly.  When you practice, it is important for you to think about things we talked about in rehearsal:  fingerings, phrasing, breathing, bow placement, etc.

Make it a good week!

Mrs. Robertson & Mr. Austell


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