March 4, 2017

Rehearsal Notes

With five rehearsals left, it is the time to use every moment we have together as an ensemble to make our performance on April 30 a smashing success!  And what better feeling to leave the Popejoy Hall stage knowing you did your absolute best?  Priceless, in our opinions!


Please look at the last four rehearsal numbers for this piece (the part that has the greatest amount of dynamic change in the shortest amount of time).  Play interestingly!

Sleeping Beauty

Just listen, listen, listen.  Listen carefully to your own practice, to your section and the orchestra during rehearsal, and to professional versions of this on Youtube!  It's a free resource, so use it!

Stars and Stripes Forever

Wow, this one is coming along nicely, and what improvement!  Percussion, please make sure YOU have listened to orchestras and bands play this, as getting the correct style is IMPERATIVE for the finish of our concert!

Sing x 3

Jazz articulation will make or break this piece (as will SOLID drumming!).  Please apply that in your practice.... "du-ba-du-bah-du-bah DOT!"

Lord of the Dance

This is the one piece we have right now that "sounds" hard.  Practice it slowly and confidently, and once we have those notes firmly under our fingers and in our hands, we can start having fun with it.  It "sounds" like fun music, so get it confident so you can enjoy it too!





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