March 5, 2016

Dear Parents:  The rehearsal on Saturday went very well.  The students have really improved and we are looking forward to a great concert!  There are still spots, however, that are listed below and not quite on par.  Please see that your child practices these spots before next Saturday. 

Also:  Too many students are coming in right at 9:00 or later.  Please, for the rest of the year, have them arrive at least by 8:45 am.  We have one more sectional this Saturday and it is important that everyone is ready to play at 9:00 am.

Students:  Thank you for a very good rehearsal on Saturday.  Your attentiveness to detail was so much appreciated and the music is starting to sound very musical!  There are still people who are having trouble playing all the notes and I want to again remind you that I would be glad to help anyone in the morning between 8:00 and 8:45 am.

All JO Members (Strings, Winds and Percussion) : with music in hand, please read carefully,  and then practice the following spots.  Keep in mind how we rehearsed the pieces in orchestra on Saturday. Next Saturday is the last sectional and we will be rehearsing “Slavonic Legend” extensively.  After that we will spot check the following passages.    Please be prepared!

1.       “Slavonic Legend”:  #80 to #101 (the key change) should be very rhythmic and forte until #101, which is suddenly piano and then working up to an energetic ending. All instruments with eighth note parts – please practice with the metronome.  At #101 we suddenly have a piano with a crescendo to FF to the end. Play with vigor and lots of energy!  #63 in the strings: practice playing the pizzicato with the metronome – with a very nice sound.  Make sure every note comes out clearly!  Everyone review the beginning for nice intonation!  Listen carefully to every note and make sure every note you play is in tune!

2.       Fireworks:  Continue working on accented notes.  Strings at #4 – #8:   Make sure your “g” sharps are high enough.  Remember this section is lighter, so do not use a lot of bow!    Horns at #5 – 6: make sure of your notes. Everyone:  remember that the endings of notes are as important as the beginning – they have to start and end together!  Play this piece with a beautiful, full sound.

3.       “English Fugue”:  THIS PIECE NEEDS THE MOST WORKFlutes and Oboe:  Look over your sixteenth note passages with the metronome at quarter note – 92.  Everyone needs to work on their sound as well as their rhythm.  This piece is the hardest piece and needs your attention!    Make sure your eighth notes to sixteenth notes are exactly in time!

4.       “Cantabile”:  All eighth note passages need work.  Think of the phrasing as you practice these notes – phrase the notes so they go somewhere! Horns and trumpets – check your high parts – including the last 3 measures.  Violin A - #47 to the end: look over your notes.  Make sure everyone practices playing as smoothly as possible!

5.       “March to the Scaffold”:  We rehearsed this piece in detail on Saturday.  As you practice this piece, make sure you keep in mind how we played it in full orchestra.  Winds – look over your dotted eighth notes followed by the sixteenth note (starting at #40).  The relationship of the dotted eighth to the sixteenth is 3 to 1.  Make sure your sixteenth note is late enough and that you do not slow down the tempo or change the tempo towards the end of the passage   Cellos & Basses – your intonation at 28 to #56 needs work!  Practice slowly and listen carefully.  Violins and violas: at #18, work on the length of notes - long accented half note followed by a quick up bow and shorter quarter note, and the last two eighth notes are off the string!  Remember how we rehearsed this in orchestra.  #74 to the end – everyone practice with the metronome right in tempo! 

6.       “William Tell Overture”:  Everyone -  put the metronome on 100 and practice the eight to sixteenth notes starting at #9 – 13.  Work on Coda to the end.  Do not forget the accents at #55.  Practice #71-73 for intonation.

Have a great week, All!  I look forward to next week!

Mrs. Robertson


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