March 5, 2016

First of all, remember that this next Saturday (the 12th) is your final sectional rehearsal.  Strings be ready to play – first violins especially for the solos! - for your section leader, since we will be making decisions about seating.  

Lord of the Rings:

  • Violin I solo – to be set this week!  
  • we’ll focus on the second part during rehearsal, so review all of those changing keys and tempos!  
  • Wind solos – you know when it sounds familiar :-) - play out with lots of air!

Chant Rituals:

  • notice the dynamic differences – we tend to miss the soft ones more than the loud places. 
  • Strings practice the 16th notes near the end – small bow; feeling the beats! 
  • Practice singing at home :-)  

Take Five: Wow, everyone’s progress on this is nothing short of stunning!  I am really happy how the group has so comfortably adopted the 5/4 time signature.  If you are interested in an 8-bar solo, please look up the “E Concert DORIAN” scale, then listen to some great soloists on this tune to get an idea of what is possible.  You could EVEN use the “blue note” like the tune uses (concert A#).  Here’s a YouTube guitar practice track (guitar, because E minor is a ‘better’ key for guitar instead of the original E-flat minor):

Sea Songs: Dynamic contrast and part-accuracy will make this piece work.  Otherwise it’s much less interesting.  That dynamic contrast sure makes it fun to play though, so practice playing very soft and then with a full sound (“So, loud, Mr. Corbin?”).

Eagles on Tour:  “Eagles”: Melodies are the key here—if you’ve got it, you GOTTA play it out.  It’s rock ‘n roll, after all.  Orchestrally speaking, of course!


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