Markings for Mendelsshon "Nocturne" from last Rehearsal

Hello YCO Musicians and Families -

I hope everyone got plenty of your fav's last night and stayed warm trick-or-treating!

I was please with your detail work at Wednesdays rehearsal, we are making progress on the "Nocturne".  Here are some notes from my score that I need you to make sure are marked in your part and PRACTICED!

At the beginning, Violins play from the insert I gave you last week until mea. 16.  Then back to your part pick-ups to mea. 17.

All - no break/breath after the half note in mea. 4

All - Breathe/Retake after beat two in mea. 8

All - No Breath/Break in mea. 12

All- Breathe/Retake after beat 2 in mea. 12

All - Breathe/Retake after beat two in mea. 20

All- No breath/break in mea. 25, crescendo to FORTE!!

Winds - confident mf dynamic at mea. 27

Trombones - Quick slides and light tongues throughout, but especially here.  No space between notes!

Violin 2 - start softer in mea. 34 and crescendo to mf only in mea. 38

Violin1, 'Cello and Bass - start at mf in mea. 35 and crescendo to FORTE!

Viola - mf in mea. 39, play out a bit!

Flute, Oboe, Clar. 1 - Leave out the last three eighth notes in mea. 55

All - Breathe/Retake after beat two in mea. 63

All - Breathe/Retake after beat two in mea. 71 

Viola - Leave out beat two in mea. 71, come in on beat three.

All - Crescendo to FORTE in mea. 74, keep up the dynamic until mea. 77!

WHEW!  Thanks for making sure you have all that marked in, it will save us a bunch of time next week.  I will send some notes for Espana and the Tchaik on Sunday.

Enjoy some warmer weather this weekend and thanks for all your PRACTICE!



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