Mock Audition Videography this Sunday!

Hey Guys,

We have 12 YS members signed up for filming this Sunday and we would love even a few more, if you're interested! The more the merrier, right?

With Sunday quickly approaching, here are a couple reminders: 

1. Bring your YS folder and your instrument! We will use current music for sample excerpts so we sound AMAZING!  :-) 
2. It'd be awesome if there's someone (or two or three?) willing to actually play solos for the video. Please bring solos that you could play, new or old, even if it's only 16 measures, or even if they are old solos you played long ago. 
3. Bring any wigs/props you own, in case we want to dress up as our conductors or just funny students.  
4. A reminder that anyone in the video should wear either an AYSP shirt from any year, or nonbranded clothes. 
5. If you have a more professional camera/mic, please bring it! We can definitely just use a phone, but it would be great if someone had something more professional they'd be willing to use. 

If you have any questions, please email, text or call Ms. Siverson at 505-302-0552 or

Looking forward to it! 

Blue Skies, 
Garrett Frye-Mason, viola 


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