Music Ready for Pick Up and Reminders

JO Students and Parents,

The music is ready and can be picked up from the AYSP office starting on Monday!  Please pick up the music and take the time to play it through before the first rehearsal on January 16.  

For those who are interested, tomorrow are the All-State performances at Popejoy Hall.  There are 3 separate concerts.

 9:00-Guitar Ensemble and Orchestra

All seating is general admission. The price for adults is $7 and the price for students is $3.  For more information, go to the New Mexico Music Educators website at

To start the year off right, here are a few reminders:


Students are to be in their seats and ready to play at the beginning of their rehearsal time.  We understand that circumstances happen but please try and be on time to get the most out of the rehearsal and to limit disruptions.  


Rehearsals are staggered 15 minutes to minimize congestion in our small parking lot.  Please be patient with our parent volunteers as they help with the flow of traffic.  We are in need of additional volunteers to direct traffic.  If you would like to volunteer to help with parking, please email Katherine

Here are some ways that all parents can help.

  • Be kind and listen to the volunteer's directions.
  • Carpool if possible.
  • For pick-up, do not enter the parking lot until 5 minutes before your student's dismissal time.  
  • Pull up as far as possible to get as many cars into the lot as possible.
  • Enter from the North.  This way we will not be blocking traffic entering off Menaul.
  • There is additional street parking on the West side.  The door will be open.  GDR Automotive is closed on Saturdays and they have given us permission to park in their lot. 
  • Do not park where there are cones.  
  • Do not block neighboring businesses or our wonderful neighbors.


Past Rehearsal Notes and Reed and Heeds can be found on our website.  

To locate past Read and Heeds or Rehearsal Notes go to:

  • Programs
  • Strings and Winds
  • Ensemble
  • Read and Heeds or Rehearsal Notes


We have a lost and found bin which is currently located in Miss. Myers' office.  Please see a parent manager or Miss. Myers if you would like to check for a missing item.  All items not claimed by the final concert in April will be donated.


Report all absences on our website.  When you do, an email automatically goes to the conductors and the office.

Students are allowed 4 absences during the season


Bills greater than $1 are not recommended as change is issued in coin.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please let us know.  We look forward to having the students back for rehearsals next Saturday, January 16th.

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