Musical Notes for 3/20

Hello YCO Families -

Warm greetings to all, I've been thinking about you and hope that all is as well as can be.  We remain optimistic for a rescheduled concert and will know more about that possibility in the coming days.  In the meantime, this is a great time to discuss practicing!

If you are like me, I need to set a consistent time during the day and stick to it.  Afternoons seem to work best for me, but the most important thing is to be consistent.  Even a little practice goes further than none at all.  An average of 20 minutes over many days will yield a bunch of progress!

I have had success with practice recording with my groups in the past so let's try that shall we?  Take your disinfected cell phone and record yourself practicing the Beethoven 7/2nd for 5 minutes or so.  Remember, this is a practice recording - find a section you want to get better at, use a metronome (quarter = 76, no faster!), stop and start, make mistakes, fix them and trust the process.  If something just doesn't want to get fixed, go to something else and save the other section for later.  Your unconscious brain will continue to work on your musical problem and I will bet that section will be better when you return to it.

Send me your recording to this email -

Once I get it I will listen and sent some suggestions.  If you have questions about a rhythm or anything else related to the Beethoven you can include that in your recording.

Please start the recording by saying your name so that I can que up your email and type while I listen.

No pressure, no deadlines, just practice when you have a moment and share with me.  Taking a listen to the original would be very helpful, use the Berlin Phil Digital Concert Hall!

Warm regards to all, take care and be safe.




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