Musical Notes for 3/26

Hello YCO!

I hope everyone is doing as well as can be expected during our efforts to contain this pandemic.  It certainly has been great for me to get to hear your practice sessions!

If you haven't gotten it in yet, no worries.  Today might be a great day to knock that out! 

A couple of reminders -  This is PRACTICE, so don't worry about making mistakes.  Find a section that is challenging and work on it.  METRONOMES are great!

I have bee researching the use of ZOOM and would like to do some virtual sectionals next week.  If you are a ZOOM expert give your advice.  Also, when would be the best time?  I certainly don't want to overwhelm you, I know there is a lot of distance learning going on.  My hope is for an hourlong sectional.  Let me know when you think it would best fit in to our new schedules - mooning, afternoon or evening.  Parent's, please feel free to chime in.

Hang in there with this and don't forget to be nice to each other!


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